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Diagnóstico y Evaluación Arterial: Velocidad de Onda de pulso (VOP) y Presión Central



Complior Analyse




Velocidad de Onda de Pulso




Presión Central




Protocolos de Medición



Informaciones Básicas




Conceptos  Básicos de VOP:  Velocidade de Onda de Pulso




Conceptos Básicos de
Presión Central




Protocolo de Medición con Complior Analyse




Validación do Complior Analyse




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Equipos de Diagnóstico en las Áreas de Sueño, la Neurología y la Cardiología

  E-Series EEG / PSG  
  SynAmps2 Neuvo  
  Xegis EMG / PE / IOM  



Softwares, Amplificadores
y Accesorios para la Investigación en Neurociencia

  Scan NuAmps Express  
  SynAmps RT  
  Curry 6  
  Source 2  
  Source 5  
  Scan 4.5  
  Access SDK  



Sistemas de Neuro Diagnóstico para Pesquisa
da Dor Cônica e Aguda

  Pathway Modelo ATS  
  Pathway Modelo ATS
  Pathway Modelo Cheps  
  Pathway Modelo Cheps Acessories  
  TSA II Neuro Sensory
  VSA-3000 - Vibratory
Sensory Analyzer



Equipos para investigación neurofisiológica en animales


Registro y Estimulación  


AlphaLab SnR  




TeleSpike Mini  








In Vitro MEA  


Array de
Microelectrodo In Vitro

Accesorios Neurociencia  




MEA - Array de Microelectrodo  


FMA - Array de Microelectrodo Flotante  


LMA - Array de
Microelectrodo Linear


WMA - Microwire Array  


Electrodo de Inyección  



Instrumentos para
Animales de Laboratorio

  Dolor e Inflamación  
  Coordinación Motora, Actividad y Fuerza de Agarre  
  Ventilación y Gases Anestésicos  
  Condicionamiento y Recompensa  
  Laberintos y Monitoreo  

Baño de Órganos, Grabación y Estimuladores  
  ECT, Productor de Lesiones, Diversos  
  Presión Sanguínea y Funciones Vitales  
  Metabolismo y Comportamiento Alimentario  
  Fijación por Irradiación
de Microondas

Equipos de


NeuroMax EMG / PE  

Protektor IOM  

XCalibur EMG / PE  

Equipos de


Endeavor CR IOM  

Synergy N-EP - EMG / PE  

Synergy N2 - EMG  

Synergy T2 - EMG  

Synergy T-EP - EMG / PE  



Ambulatory EEG

VikingQuest IOM  

VikingQuest EMG  


VikingSelect IOM  



Sistema de Identificación Microbiana



Incubación de Placas

Análisis de Comunidades Microbianas

FF MicroPlate
Identificación de Hongos Filamentosos y Levaduras

Rainbow Agar
Detección de

E. coli O157

Rainbow Agar
Detección de
 H2S Salmonella

Rainbow Agar
Detección de

Shingella / Aeromonas



Medidores Portátil de
Óxido Nítrico (FENO)


Niox Mino  



Sensores e electrodos para EEG, PSG, PE, EMG y ECG


Cinturones de Esfuerzo Respiratorio, Torácicos
y Abdominales


Sensores de Flujo Respiratorio Buconasal  

Transductor de Presión Flujo Respiratorio y Ronquido por Cánula  

Sensores de Ronquido Micrófono  

Electrodo de Superficie de Copa Orificada Reutilizable
Sueño - EEG - Mapeo

SynAmps RT

SynAmps RT
Utilizando las últimas dos décadas de experiencia con la mejor tecnología disponible, Neuroscan se complace en ofrecer a la comunidad de la neurociencia el amplificador SynAmps RT. Con grabación de alta densidad, 70 canales de amplificación, con 64 monopolares, 4 bipolares y 2 de alto nivel. Cada canal tiene un convertidor AD de 24 bit y 20000 muestras por segundo por canal para garantizar la calidad del registro.
Using the past two decades of experience and best available technology, Neuroscan is pleased to offer the SynAmps RT to the Neuroscience community. Dedicated to high-density recordings, SynAmps RT is a 70 Channel amplifier system, consisting of 64 monopolar, 4 bipolar and 2 high-level channels. Each channel has a dedicated 24 bit A-to-D, to ensure the most accurate sampling available.
Active Noise Cancellation is an integral feature of the SynAmps RT design, providing unparalleled noise immunity. This ensures an accurate representation of the neurophysiological activity even in the most hostile electromagnetic environments.
Using the latest technology has not only allowed us to make the SynAmps RT our most capable amplifier ever, it has also allowed us to put it into a small, cost effective package.
SynAmps RT Consists of Three Components:
Headbox - Each Headbox consists of 70 channels, and multiple Headboxes can be linked together to build high-density systems. Our modular approach to amplifiers provides a simple and flexible upgrade path.
All of the essential electronics have been moved to the Headbox. Our low noise 24 bit A-to-D chip allows for low gain to be used while still maintaining the resolution required for the most critical researcher. Data is digitized immediately in the headbox and transmitted to the host computer via a high-speed USB-2 connection guaranteeing lossless transmission. Quality of the signal is assured by our impedance testing circuitry, which allows you to verify impedance both on the Headbox and in a software display.
Touch-proof connectors are provided to allow for the greatest flexibility, while our high-density connector permits Quik-CapTM to be easily connected. Inputs for high-level signals are also provided, allowing you to capture the time series data of other measures along with the EEG.
System Unit - Serving as a hub for multiple Headboxes, the system unit is the distribution center, assuring absolute synchronization of sampling and triggers between all of the Headboxes. The System Unit is also the communication center with the host computer. Using a USB2 connection, the system unit ensures accurate transmission of data and trigger timing information.
Power Unit - Isolation of the subject from the power mains is a critical safety aspect of a complete system. The Power Unit houses a medical grade transformer, allowing you to connect those devices that contact the subject to one reference point. This assures that leakage currents and proper grounding meet world wide certification safety requirements for patient connected devices.
SynAmps RT Highlights
Design Features 
Headbox-Based Amplification - Analog signals, whether buffered or not, are susceptible to noise. With the SynAmps RT, signals are amplified and digitized right at the patient side, providing a digital signal transmission path and providing the very best signal integrity. 
70 Channel Headbox Units - Allows you to use ALL of your channels. The SynAmps RT offers two external auxiliary and four bipolar inputs in addition to the standard 64 channels per headbox. You don't have to convert bipolar channels to monopolar to get your full montage. 
Check Electrode Impedances Right at the Headbox - Electrode impedances are checked against a user-selectable threshold and the results are instantly available at the headbox. 
Compact System Design - Each system consists of one or more headboxes, weighing in at less than 5 lbs, a system unit and a power unit. System and power units will handle multiple headboxes for high-density recordings. 
Up to 256 EEG Channels on a Single Small System Unit - A single system unit will handle up to four head boxes, creating a 256 channel system in about one quarter the space of the original SynAmps unit. Combine two system units to create a super-high density system. 
Standard Windows Computer and USB 2.0 Interface - Plug and play operation makes connection and setup easy and fast. No proprietary analog to digital, PCI or data interface cards need to be installed, complicating the system. The industry standard USB 2.0 interface will allow you to move to another PC easily. 
Quik-Caps from Neuromedical Supplies Connect Directly - Conversion (EBA) cables are no longer required for cap connection. Neuromedical Supplies Quik-Caps connect directly to the quick-disconnect high-density connector on each headbox for no-problem patient setup. Touch Proof connections for each channel are also provided.
Technical Features 
24-Bit Data Conversion - Even within all the excellent high-bit count analog to digital (A/D) converters currently on the market, we"ve specially selected the quietest product available for use in the new SynAmps RT, delivering the best signals with the greatest dynamic range possible. You demand clean, high-resolution data and we deliver it. Data from the SynAmps RT also flows seamlessly through to the new 32-bit version of Scan.
Active Noise Cancellation - Provides unparallel noise immunity. This ensures an accurate representation of the neurophysiological activity even in the most hostile electromagnetic environments 
1 G Ohm Input Impedance - The very best in instrumentation amplifier technology is used to ensure that your signals are faithfully recorded. 
External (auxiliary) Sensors can be Connected With Ease - Two external inputs per headbox come standard. Both are isolated from patient and computer connections with a+/-5 volt input range. Data is time locked with the EEG data.
External (auxiliary) Sensors Require No External Power - Sensors can be powered from the headbox. up to +/-10V at 100mA. This enables use of strain gauges and a wide range of input devices where the output is time locked to the acquired data.
Built-In Compatibility With Other Neuroscan Products - The seamless system integration that you've come to expect from Neuroscan continues with SynAmps RT. A totally integrated system including amplifier, data acquisition, stimulus generation, data analysis, and source analysis means that you spend your time doing research, not putting systems together.
Backwards Compatibility With Your Existing STIM or Other Stimulus Generation Programs - SynAmps RT uses the same trigger connector that the original SynAmps and NuAmps use, so there is no need to modify your existing stimulus protocols.
MagLink Compatibility - SynAmps RT was designed with the difficulties of recording in the MRI in mind. Specific engineering considerations were built in to the system to provide the best possible recordings in the MRI.
Advanced De-blocking Circuitry - Allows for recording of TMS and other high intensity stimuli, maximizing the data integrity without affecting the amplifier.
Extended Cabling Systems - Allows your headbox to be positioned up to 10m away from the system unit for maximum flexibility. Cabling and filters for shielded room patch panels will also be available.
Head box Mounting Options - Multiple mounting options, including wall, tripod and table mount, ensure that head box can be secured in your recording environment.
Integrated Power Supply - In addition to powering the SynAmps RT, the power unit will allow you to power up to 4 additional devices, ensuring a common ground is used in all of your patient connected equipment.
•Monopolar Channel Count......64 Per Headbox, 256 Per System Unit
•Bipolar Channel Count...........4 Per Headbox, 16 Per System Unit
•High Level Channel Count.....2 Per Headbox, 8 Per System Unit
•Maximum Sampling Rate.......20,000 Hz / Channel all channels driven
•Sampling Method..................All Channels Sampled Simultaneous
•A/D Resolution.....................24 Bit
•Input Impedance..................10 GOhms
•CMRR...................................110 dB
•Input Noise...........................<0.5 uV RMS DC to 200Hz,<1.5uV RMS
•Bandwidth...........................DC-3500 Hz
•Low Pass Filter (Maximum)..-3 dB at 3500 Hz, single pole
•High Pass Filter (Minimum)...DC or -3 dB at .05 Hz, single pole
•Full Scale Input Range (DC Mode).....+/- 200 mV
•System Gain (DC Mode)......10
•Sensitivity (DC Mode)..........24 nV/bit
•Full Scale Input Range (AC Mode).....+/- 995uV
•System Gain (AC Mode)......2010
•Sensitivity (AC Mode)..........3 nV/bit
•Digital (TTL) Inputs...............8 Bit Stimulus, 8 Bit Response
•High Level Input Range........+/- 5 V
•Impedance Measurement.....1K Ohm to 50 K Ohm
•IMRR....................................127 dB
•Headbox Size (h x w x d)...4.5 x18.7 x 21.8cm, per 64 channels
•Headbox Weight..................1.5 kg
•System Unit Size.................23 x 11.6 x 32.5 cm per 256 channels
•System Unit Weight.............4.3 kg
•Power Unit Size..................23 x 11.6 x 32.5 cm per 256 channels
•Power Unit Weight..............12.5 kg
•Device Certification
•EU Risk Classification 2B
•Type CF
•FDA Class II
•FDA Product Code GWQ, GWP, GWF, GWE, GWJ
•Safety Specifications
•EN 60601-1 Medical Electrical Devices - General Requirements for Safety
•UL2601.1 - Including US National Deviations for IEC601-1
•CSA22.2 - Including Canadian National Deviations for IEC601-1
•EN 60601-1-1 - Collateral Standard - Systems
•EN 60601-1-2 - Collateral Standard - Electromagnetic Compatibility
•EN 60601-1-4 - Collateral Standard - Programmable Systems
•EN 60601-2-26 - Specific requirements for electroencephalographs
Offered in or 64 monoplar channel models. Can be chained together for simultaneous acquisition of 64, 96, 128 or 256 monopolar channels.
SCAN/ESI 4.3 (or greater)

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